I have always been intrigued by the financial world but never really understood it comprehensively. My curiosity led me here and smartportfolio gave me the exact outlook i needed and increased my knowledge to an astonishing extent.


Hani Amiri


Digital content manager


As a beginner/intermediate to cryptocurrency trading, I‘ve went through a truthful revolution of knowledge. From personal emotional stability, self-control, over to the fundamentals of a blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Continuous growth and support are the icing on the cake.


Joel Vesque


Human Resources Intern at DHL Supply Chain


Nicolai Roco


Coach at International Coaching Community


I’ve had a growing interest to deepen my knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Truth is, I found it to be an intimidating subject matter.

Frankly, smartportfolio opened the door to this world in a way that was approachable and easy to understand. Thank you for making this type of complex information more comprehensible, looking forward to enrolling in the next batch of courses!

Ethical hacker and Crypto Investor


Jimmy Diallo


Being in my mid twenties, I figured now was the time for me to take risks if I wanted to secure a financially stable future for myself. I joined the cryptocurrency markets at the top of the last bull market. And like most, I lacked fundamental knowledge and emotional intelligence to stay profitable at first. 

But through hard work, patience, grit and an amazing community of likeminded people in smartportfolio, I have been able to develop not only in terms of making sound financial decisions, but sound life decisions in general.

Smartportfolio had a big influence on my life; not only for the profits earned, but mostly for the person I became in the process. It allowed me to grow various aspects of my life, not only from a financial perspective but from a personal perspective as well. Now, as I keep on learning, I can also start spreading the knowledge on to my surroundings.

Haitham Alzoubi

Business development manager