reducing asymmetric information

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The misuse of information is the biggest reason for wealth inequality.


The valuable information is right in front of our eyes, yet we struggle to differentiate between non-sense and truth.


Gathering valuable data can be exhausting and difficult in times of unlimited information. We filtered the information and created compact modules for you, which will accelerate your learning experience by an incredible extent. wasn't created out of boredom, it was created out of necessity.

The lack of understanding the maintenance and creation of economic value and wealth is concerning. As a consequence we live in a world, in which wealth is ultra centralizedAs long as people are not willing to put in the effort to improve their financial literacy, the immense financial inequalities will remain.

We are entering economically challenging times and nobody will protect your wealth from diminishing. Every financial decision has major consequences on your life. Unfortunately are most people not aware of any potential risks or opportunities.